The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Resettlement plan in favor of Bhutanese King- Tek Nath Rijal

Resettlement plan in favor of Bhutanese King, says Rijal

Even as he welcomed, on humanitarian grounds, the United States offer to resettle up to 60,000 refugees, Bhutanese human rights leader Tek Nath Rijal has criticized it stating that it was "in favor of Bhutanese King and against Bhutanese people."
"The US along with the international community is working to defend the Bhutanese King," he accused.
He said it was wrong to spread rumors about resettlement without stressing on repatriation. He also urged Nepal government to come forth with its official stand on this issue prior to the November bilateral meeting.
The US offer to take up to 60,000 Bhutanese refugees seems to have stirred a hornet's nest. While many refugee leaders have criticized the offer saying that it was tantamount to absolving Bhutanese regime of all its wrongdoings and even encouraging it to evict further Bhutanese people, reports say many refugees languishing in camps have started signature campaign in favor the offer. sd Oct 09 06

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