The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wangchuck was the 'terrorist' involved in evicting the refugees- Rizal

Oli raises strong objection against Bhutan PM's remarks

Terming the remarks made by Bhutanese Prime Minister about refugees in Nepal as "serious and negative," Nepalese deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister KP Oli has raised strong objections.

Talking to Kantipur daily, Oli said, "Serious attention of Nepal government has been drawn by these remarks." He was referring to the remarks made by Bhutanese PM Khandu Wangchuk that repatriating Bhutanese refugees from Nepal would be like importing readymade terrorists.

Totally rejecting the remarks made by the Bhutanese PM, Oli said they were disrespectful of the whole issue and also of the bilateral relations. The Bhutanese PM had accused that majority of refugees languishing in camps in Nepal were engaged in Maoist activities. He had added that there could not be any dialogue with any refugee representative. Speaking in the Bhutanese parliament, Wangchuk also rejected Nepal government's assertion that the refugee issue was primarily an issue between Bhutanese government and its people.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement expressing surprise over the remarks. It has said that the Nepal government was regularly monitoring the refugee camps and that there is no intrusion by any untoward elements there.

Likewise, refugee leader Tek Nath Rijal, reacting to Wangchuk's remarks, said the latter, in fact, was the 'terrorist' involved in evicting the refugees. sd Dec 29 06

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