The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Education Not for all

Choices for those cut offEnrol in a private school, repeat the same class or train for a blue-collar job
Labour Market 17 February, 2011 - With the cut off point fixed at 61 percent for Class X, the ministry of education will absorb only 3,727 students into 32 government higher secondary schools across country.

A total of 9,330 students appeared for the examination in 2010 and 5,236 students will have to either opt for private school, repeat the same class or hunt for jobs. The existing 13 private schools in Bhutan will absorb only about 50 percent of those who disqualified. Most of the private schools will absorb a maximum of 350 students each, with the minimum cut off point set at 45 percent.

But, with the recent release of labour market guide by the labour ministry, class X and Xll school graduates, who cannot make it to the government schools or pursue higher studies, may avail job opportunities.

There are 1,580 vacancies available in 92 occupations in the private and corporate sector. The salary ranges from Nu 3,000 to Nu 15,000. Some of the job includes bill collectors, caretakers, front desk personnel and receptionists.

Labour officials said the vacancies are merged together, since most companies provide vacancies for both Class X and XII students.

The labour market guide shows there are 908 training opportunities available for class X graduates in the public sector under six different institutes and under sustainable development projects.

The training opportunities under different institutes across country will take in 668 candidates to be trained under various courses, which includes electrical, mechanical, automobile, networking, carpentry, masonry, plumbing, driver and carpentry.

The sustainable development project would train candidates in hospitality, IT, construction and other sectors like education, media and production. The different sectors under the project would take about 240 candidates. Among others they will be trained as waiter and waitress, in fruit juice processing and food and beverage and housekeeping staff.

The guidebook, which is posted on the labour ministry website, will provide practical and timely information to help make career choices and find suitable employment. But officials said information on the guide is only from January to March. “We’ll provide job market information after every three months with new opportunities,” labour official said.

While many students, who didn’t meet the cut off percentage, said that they wouldn’t be able to afford private school, they said they showed strong preference to repeat than work as waiters or waitresses. “I need to continue my study, so that I can get a better job,” said Jigme Tshering, who failed the board exams.

The 367 students, who were not awarded pass certificate, labour officials said, can also apply for the training and job vacancies. Officials explained that, if there is a vacancy, which requires qualification, they would forgo qualification requirement to absorb interested candidates. “Class X student not awarded the pass certificate could apply for jobs meant for Class VIII pass students,” an official said.

Officials said that there are also certain training programs that do not require qualification.

By Yangchen C Rinzin


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