The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Bhutanese teachers maintain standard of English in Jhapa Schools

Pressure to expel Bhutanese teachers [2006-12-07]

Damak, December 07: The Nepalese teachers working in the private boarding schools in Jhapa district have demanded that the school management should expel all the Bhutanese teachers working in the schools and recruit Nepalese in their place.

During a press conference here, the members of the Institutional Schools Teachers Union made this demand. Secretary of the union Lila Bhandari told reporters that private schools have been exploiting the teachers working in those schools.

They claimed that over 500 Bhutanese teachers have being working in various private boarding schools in Jhapa district alone. The organisation demanded that the Bhutanese teachers should be immediately expelled and the unemployed educated Nepalese people should be recruited as the teachers.

Exiled Bhutanese have been the major source of teachers for the private schools in Nepal for years. Several attempts were made to expel them but school managements denied replacing the Bhutanese teachers with Nepalese. The school authorities say, expulsion of Bhutanese teachers would hamper in maintaining standard of English in teaching.

Bhutan News Service

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