The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate change: coping the change happily

On the auspicious of “Blog Action Day” 2009

Climate change: coping the change happily

Climate change has shocked people concerned about the future: - the future of the earth and the future of the man kind. With the rise in the atmospheric temperature globally, speculations are that the snow white Mountain peaks become slim, snowline move peak-wards, the ice on the poles thin out and vegetation moves pole-wards. A lot of places close to, at or below the sea level will suffocate under water. The temperature will rise changing the adaptation. A lot of predicted and unpredicted catastrophes will hit different parts of the earth.

We cannot make the emission of carbon dioxide; methane, aerosols, nitrous oxides etc and all the man made causes for the disaster, come to a complete halt. But our attempt is to reduce their release into the atmosphere to minimum possible level.

There are other factors that are not under our control that lead to the global warming like the systemic moment of the earth and its geomagnetic axis. These factors may contribute either to the global warming, ice age or change in the climatic pattern of the globe. While the research on the future of the globe is still in its infancy to predict tomorrow’s lunch; for sure and certain the uncontrolled pollutants and gases released into the atmosphere are catalyzing the process of our aging and that of the living beings on the earth.

For a short term solution, research on crops that tolerate submergence, cold, drought and salinity is necessary, while controlling the release of the “should not be released” gases. The increase in the atmospheric temperature and CO2 will be beneficial to increase the rate of photosynthesis and food production by plants. Such foods may contain more carbon and less nitrogen which will increase the insect pest attack on the crops. More animals become carnivorous and people resort to cannibalism.

The green belt of vegetation will move towards the peaks of mountains and poles. The new land thus acclaimed may partially compensate the lands lost to the water but nothing can compensate the lives and resources thus lost. Many countries have worked well and many more are working towards securing a clean green future to the coming generation. Other countries need our support and the support of those successful countries. All people should be aware of the cause and consequences and feel it as individual’s responsibilities to the cause.

We can do many things, but we don’t need to do all by ourselves. We can do that by doing a few things.
1. Educate, Educate, Educate.
2. Practice what we preach.
Let’s live in harmony with the living and non living entities of the earth today and leave behind precedence.

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