The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don’t drag India in Nepal-Bhutan bilateral Imbroglio: Indian envoy

Rakesh Sood, the Indian Ambassador to Nepal has provided a new dimension in the historical relations between the two neighboring countries.
Look what he says, “Our relations are not just neighborly but are Familial and Cultural as well.”
Sood is hundred per cent right when he says so, but, it is advised that one step ahead of what he says could invite trouble for Mr. Sood.
Sood who prefers to remain out from Kathmandu’s messy Politics, haphazard traffic conditions and his occupation in political advisory business, has been of late visiting Nepal’s hilly areas rather than the Tarai plains.
Similar to the Chinese envoy who prefers to head to the plains whenever he is free from his newly acquired role of making inroads in Nepali politics, Ambassador Sood has the knowledge that it is more important to consolidate relations with the Hilly people of Nepal who have of late acquired somewhat bitter feelings towards India.
Nevertheless, Sood who was in Lakhanpur, Damak of Jhapa District, December 9, 2009 speaking at a program to lay the foundation stones of a School said “There are people who live in Nepal and have their family members in India and the otherwise...this clearly states that we have familial relations.”
“We will continue to support Nepal”, Sood further assured.
However, analysts claim “Even after thousands of years of association between the two countries, familial and cultural as says Sood, what is it that a diplomat of the likes of Sood need to assure and reassure the Nepali mass that India and Nepal were not just neighbors but much more than that.”
“There exist conjugal relations between the citizens of the countries”, Sood also told the attending School Children who had offered him bouquet of flowers upon his arrival.
Thanks the Indian Ambassador did not press the innocent school students to sing a Hindi song as he forced the Mustang students a few months back.
However, after so much of sweet talks, Sood as is expected of him disappointed many when he said “India has no role to play to sort-out the overly stretched issue of Bhutanese Refugee crisis”.
Sood knows perhaps that sans the Indian support the refugee issue will never arrive at a solution that will, analysts claim, provide India with the opportunity to continue twisting the Nepali arms.
This is perhaps the reason why the Nepali citizens need to be assured and reassured by India that it mean no harm to Nepal.
Analysts wish to pose a question to Ambassador Sood.
“Did the Bhutanese refugees fly over to Nepal from Bhutan without flying over the Indian Sky”? Or did they-the Bhutanese nationals-made a record high jump?
2009-12-10 09:14:03

Source: TWG

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