The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Govt promises to resolve the issue of the people in the camps (kuensel)

Some thoughts
The government announced that it will try to resolve the case of the people in the camps once the majority have been repatriated to third countries. My question is why? What benefit does Bhutan have in trying to resolve anything to do with those people in the camps? GRRR
How pathetic and unconvetional mode of approach towards one of the most ever-pending issue. How come this DPT govt. is so immature in its administrative functioning. Noyak
PM as a head of the govt. must have his answer to the question thrown at him. Morning Glory
The government should take bold decisions and playing politics at the cost of people’s sufferings is very dangerous. Should they come back because they are our true Bhutanese family then take it back without any conditions. newsfu
 People here are almost dying. We are not engaged in any criminal activity which is proved by individual data-wise/record wise in the Home Ministry. tinor
If this prolonged RGOB created human disaster is solved in a justly manner, the govt of Bhutan and the people those who have negative attitude as seen in the above comments will be applauded every where in google. You don't have to worry about these camp people because they are not the people as being portraid by you and the then foolish govt.They were forcefully evicted by the then RGOB looting every thing they had of their sweat.And when you talk about their dress and dance a Nepali-that is true because they are ethnic Nepali as you are an ethnic TIBETAN. So,what? If you say that they should stay in Nepal ,then, why not you silently move to Tibet and stay there.If you don't agree with the later idea,then,why don't you and they coexist in Bhutan? Shiva
Are we being this much ignorent this soon, so are we just not paying attention to our history. This country is/was build by those ancestor whose children and relatives are in camps. People who choose to resettle are not prouding choosing it either. They don't have any choice, so it is make or break deal for them. We the people who are inside the country need to grow up and stop whining about unneccessary thing, we need to raise our voice against anarchy and bring our family together, we need to forget about which religion they follow, where they live, which party they belongs too, all we need remember is that we were BHUTANESE yesterday, we are BHUTANESE today and WE WILL BE BHUTANESE in coming days.

And also, Lets not forget our country is not too small, neither big but if we keep kicking people out one day we will be forced to day we are indian, so, support the PM and bring our people home. LETS WELCOME THEM, THEY ARE NOW WELL EDUCATED, AND THEY CAN/WILL SERVE OUR NATION JUST LIKE WE BEEN DOING.CoolSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmileCool Bikash

now the govt. has taken right dicission to resolve the refugees issues. but i think its too late to be done becoz over 60 thousand people in the camp has already moved to foriegn countries and resettled there after suffering 20 yrs long in the hut. hey mr. grrrr, tango, noyak and auspicious !!! like your attitude makes everybody voilent. you bloody isolated people have always negative view. you people are still like an animal. we the human being living on the earth has rights to live every where on the earth as per the dharma philosophy. bhutan is still backward country in the world because of the people like your attitude. bhutan has long way to go ahead in the international level. the govt. is doing as per the international law. dont try to interfare.
i want to ask one question; you people are saying bhutanese refugees are voilen and criminal, if they are criminal and voilent, why the foriegn countries has choosed these people? they says one of the best refugees in the world.
hey !!! stay faithful to be grateful,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 i would say…Problem solved is better then problem ignored…phoenix
we the bhutanese people are very innocent comparing to other countries. in bhutan we have only 2 casts i.e. drukpas and lhotshampas. the population in bhutan is only 6 lakhs. just imagine to other countries? siliguri alone have over 25 lakhs people and uncountable casts. we must be proud to have got to live in such a peaceful country. we must love each other and live happily.zingodon
the content of OL's blog is such a pathetic view of him. Just an instance, few days back there were several cases of stabbings in Thimphu. Does this mean that we all the bhutanese were involved in those stabbing cases? No. Similarly how could OL say that 2.5% of the refugees were involved in the bomb blast? Those could be anyone. So let us not directly get emotional on the baseless aligations of OL.noyak

This is a bold decision of the honourable PM and there is no need to create dummy and proxy discussions on the issue. The problem needs to be solved somehow (only the government knows the root cause of the planned, budgeted and implemented problem and can deal with prudence). So much of negativity circulating in the world against us due to this naughty (made knotty) issue should be brought to rest without infuriating the parties involved. Let the honourable Lyonchen proceed with caution, not against the Bhutanese victims suffering for decades but against the foreign interest (immediate neighbour) to destabilize Bhutan's sovereignty and security in the long run on moral ground.
That means the people that were in Bhutan and had citizenship/census enrolled in family dairy till late 1980s should be brought back and the rest left to make their own decision to return from where they joined the camp.Logical

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