The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Japanese grant to reduce poverty

16 March, 2009 - The Japanese government has committed a grant assistance of 442 million Yen (about USD 4.9 million) to Bhutan.

The grant is an extension for the two projects, which the Japanese government has been supporting: the food security project for underprivileged farmers and the reconstruction of bridges (phase III) project.
The food security project will get 180 million Yen (USD two million) of the total grant amount. Two wheel tractors and attachments, ploughs and spare parts will be provided to underprivileged farmers especially in rural areas under this project.

The Phase III project received 62 million Yen (about 689,000 USD) of the total grant. The grant will be used to implement the detailed design of the reconstruction of bridges on the National highway No 5. Japan has also supported phase I and II projects.

The remaining 200 million Yen (about 2.2 million USD) is a non-project grant aid given to developing countries to promote economic developments including poverty reduction. This is the first time Bhutan has received such a grant from Japan.

Agreeing the extension of the grant, the formalising notes were signed yesterday at the Embassy of Japan between the Japanese ambassador Hideak Domichi and Bhutan’s ambassador to India Vestop Namgyel.

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