The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North

The Sorry Saga of Bhutan's North
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Bhutan ranked 33rd in TI corruption report

The latest report of Transparency International (TI) has ranked India 94th in the corrupt practices ranking among the 176 nations. The survey results seems to be an embarrassment to the UPA Government as 74 per cent of the Indians respondents observed that corruption in India reached the peak during the 2007-2010 period.

The survey results released by the NGO said that 54 per cent of the Indian respondents admitted they at least once paid bribe to get things done. Forty four per cent of the Indians respondents felt the UPA Government was “ineffective” in fighting against corruption. At the same time, 31 per cent said the Government is “neither effective nor ineffective”, while 25 per cent observed that the

government was “effective” in tackling corruption.

According to the survey results, people in India believed the political parties were the most corrupt. The score 5 is treated as the “extremely corrupt”, and the international NGOs survey gave the maximum scores of 4.2 to political parties in India. The political parties are followed by police organisations with 4.1 score, and Parliament and Legislatures with score of 4.

In Indian public perception on corruption, the survey gives 3.5 scores to public officials and civil servants and 3.1 score each was given to judiciary and NGOs and business and private sector.

Indian media is also placed as corrupt in the survey results. Score 3 is given to media in India on public

perception of corruption effected zones.

India’s education sector got 3.4 scores, while religious bodies and military got 2.9 scores and 2.8 scores respectively.

The annual survey of 2012 of the international corruption watch dog rated Denmark, Finland and New Zealand as the most corruption free countries in the world and placed Somalia, North Korea and Afghanistan as the worst ones.

While the most corruption free countries like Denmark, Finland and New Zealand earned 90 scores in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) ratings, India earned 34 scores. Like India, Mongolia, Greece, Columbia, Senegal, and Moldova also got 34 scores in the survey of Transparency International. The most corrupt countries have 8 scores.

India’s neighbours Pakistan are placed in 139th rank with 27 scores and China is placed 80th with 39 scores. Sri Lanka is having 79th rank with 40 scores and Bangladesh is placed 144th with 26 scores. Nepal got 130th rank with 27 scores. For neighbours envy, Bhutan is having 33rd rank with big score of 63.

Developed countries like UK and US are placed 17th and 19th with 74 and 73 scores. Germany and France have 13th and 22nd rank with 79 and 71 scores respectively.

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