The Bhutanese Society of Kentucky (BSK) held its annual cultural program today at Iroquois High School, the school where largest number of Bhutanese students are studying under ESL program.
The annual cultural program absorbed much of the time of BSK board members and it was quite a assiduous planning, which also included the program of honoring high school students who graduated since 2009.
High school graduates being honored
High school graduates being honored
The program became successful in making the young dancers and singers participate in the program and rejuvenate their talents together with  showing the cultural dress, according to the organizers.
Young girls and women donned with sari, lehanga and kurta salwar became the point of attraction for the local guests. Martin Kinny, the ESL director of JCPS, attended the event as the chief guest who handed medals of recognition to the high school graduates.
Some attractions were the Deusi song by Bhutanese singer, Govinda Phuyel; dance on Bhailinisong by Yashoda Phuyel and Leela Subedi; solo song daali daali ma.. by Bindya Rasaili while the stage was rocked by Jeet Limbu with the old time song of Gopal Yonjan,  Uhile ta bajeko pala ma …jutta ma herda thuloma her buhari herda sano ma her.
Special to the program was guest Dr. Govinda Rizal who flew to Kentucky from Philippines to meet his parents some days ago.
Similarly, Suhas Kulkarni the director of Office of Globalization at the Mayor’s office and his wife Surekha Kulkarni arrived late to the program to exchange the felicitations of Deepawali.